The Battle Bell Is Rising

The battle between good and evil is becoming more prominent here at home‭. ‬In previous editions‭, ‬I wrote of the conflict facing Christians in our country because Nigeria is broken‭. ‬There is an urgent call for all Christians to be vigilant in bringing our nation to the LORD in prayer‭. ‬

Over this past year‭, ‬many brothers and sisters of our‭ ‬LORD Jesus Christ have been targeted by Boko Haram‭, ‬Fulani herdsmen‭, ‬and even members of our government‭ ‬–‬‭ ‬all enemies of our faith‭. ‬We have seen brothers and sisters in the LORD kidnapped for ransom and others‭ ‬taken to slavery camps‭. ‬There has been widespread destruction of property resulting in food shortages and‭ ‬lost income‭. ‬The government has increased taxes against schools and business owned by fellow Christians‭. ‬This has affected us directly at the Steward Model School‭.‬

It is very evident that we here in Nigeria are under serious attack by the forces of darkness‭, ‬both physical and spiritual‭. ‬Here‭ ‬are just a few specific examples of recent persecution‭:‬
•‭ ‬April 2019‭, ‬in Madagali‭, ‬Adamawa State‭: ‬Boko Haram fighters invaded predominantly Christian Kuda community in Madagali Local Government Area‭ (‬LGA‭) ‬of Adamawa State‭. ‬Over 30‭ ‬houses were set on fire and 23‭ ‬people were killed‭, ‬20‭ ‬of whom were Christians‭. ‬Residents left the village to seek refuge in Gulak and other relatively safer parts of Adamawa State‭.‬
•‭ ‬August 2019‭, ‬in Lau LGA‭, ‬Taraba State‭: ‬A conflict between‭ ‬a radical Fulani herder and a farmer was the trigger for attacks and reprisal acts that continued for weeks and resulted in 65‭ ‬deaths‭ (‬most of them Christians‭) ‬and 18‭ ‬burned villages‭ (‬with 15‭ ‬churches‭, ‬two elementary schools and a health center destroyed‭).‬‭ ‬Security forces that were deployed in the area did not intervene‭; ‬on the contrary‭, ‬in June 2019‭, ‬many youth were arrested during protests against the violence and inaction of the local authorities‭.‬
•‭ ‬October 2019‭, ‬in Chikun‭, ‬Kaduna State‭: ‬Fulani-speaking gunmen kidnapped six school girls and two teachers from Engravers College‭ ‬Kakau‭, ‬a Christian-run high school‭. ‬The abductors stormed the boarding school around midnight‭, ‬when most of the students and teachers were asleep‭. ‬The victims were released after a ransom was paid‭. ‬In the last few years‭, ‬armed groups have perpetrated countless abductions along the Kaduna-Abuja highway for ransom‭, ‬and in the process killed some of their victims‭. ‬But this is the first time a school was involved‭.*‬
The battle bell is ringing loudly in Nigeria‭. ‬We invite you to partner with us in seeking the LORD’s deliverance and wisdom‭. ‬We have been discouraged‭, ‬but that has not stopped us from sharing the Bible to share the Good News of‭ ‬Christ through our evangelism efforts‭.‬
•‭(‬Courtesy of Open Doors USA‭, ‬https‭://‬‭-‬persecution/world-watch-list/nigeria‭/)‬