Our Mission

In 2000, Doka began his ministry in Nigeria. His story is remarkable, as he has been through unthinkable dangers in his community. With a heart for sharing the Good News that is the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Doka visited the surrounding churches beginning the expansion of the church in Nigeria. At the time, there were only 7 churches. Throughout the next years, Doka and the organization established 18 churches in the Abuja region.

The mission of Nooma Nigeria is bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lives of those living in Nigeria. There have been many ways to accomplish this goal, but Doka has established a few proven methods. Nooma Nigeria works primarily through the Steward Bible School, the Bible College and various lectureship meetings for preachers in the congregations that have been established.

Doka’s vision for Nooma Nigeria is to expand the resources of the Steward Bible School to allow for training and growing preachers that can go into the region establishing more churches. Another area vital to the vision of Nooma Nigeria is to partner with churches in the United States to bring materials, funds and prayers for the work being done in Nigeria.